"As I type this with a HUGE smile on my face, I feel so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. For our classes. Our conversations. Our collective experience. I know that had it not been for this retreat, for meeting all of you, I wouldn't have come to this place today, to be able to make the decision to move forward with a new adventure.
So, thank you. All of you. For your awesomeness.
All my love, Kara"

− Kara Lydon

"I felt truly honored to have spent that week amongst you. I have taken so much insight from every conversation I've had during our awesome time, I know it will help me on my journey. So thank you.
I really wish you all infinite moments of happiness and hope that our paths will cross again (maybe next year's retreat!)."

− Marina

"Best experience in my short life so far!"

− Mary-Jane. Toronto, Ont

"Everything was just amazing. Jenna, you are really great at what you do... Keep up the Awesome work so there are more opportunities for these retreats. Thanks for a very special experience. I feel lucky to have been able to spend the week with you and all the other awesome participants."

− Alex - Canmore, AB

"This retreat came to me serendipitously. I had a feeling that it was time for a retreat, then I received the invitation to go. And it was perfect. The exercises are so simple and powerful. The people are so kind hearted and wonderful. The food was nourishing and delicious. It felt like the universe had magically planned for each of us to be there… to support each other, give each other messages and to remind us of our inner strength.

What a wonderful way to replenish my mind, body and soul.

Thank you~xoxoxox"

− Jennifer Lyall - Burlington, Ont