“It is an honour to share this simple, elegant healing modality with you. How beautiful it is that one of the world’s most powerful healing tools has been right under our nose for our whole life.”

-Trevor Yelich, Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious Breathwork has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. It is known under a variety of  titles such as Transformative Breath, Holotropic Breath, Quantum Light Breath, Integrative Breathwork, Zen Yoga Breathing and others. Very little scientific research on the effectiveness of conscious, connected breathing as a healing modality has been conducted. Yet the human truth of the matter is another story; there are countless personal reports of the amazing impact this work has had in the lives of those that have experienced it.
Thank you, for diving in and allowing innate intelligence to be revealed to you through this sacred breath in beautiful and unpredictable ways.


What is Conscious Breathwork?

Conscious, connected breath is a meditative breathing practice that, for a time, returns our current state and pattern of respiration to a natural and unhindered way of breathing.
It invites a fullness to our breath and gently guides it back to what it was like when we were infants – without resistance.

Just like brain tissues store memories, so do our body tissues store past experiences and suppressed traumas. Conscious breathwork is a healing modality that offers access to these memories and past experiences. It is a mechanism that can lead to deep resolutions within the body and ultimately in life.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is breathe.

During a session, you will be laying down with pillows, blankets and the support of an intimate group of breathers and a certified facilitator around you.

Your facilitator will guide you to breathe in a particular fashion throughout your session.  Their main job is to ensure that you continue to breathe in this way throughout the process.  They may offer you positional support and words of affirmation that will help you to breathe into restrictions that exist due to current posture, injury or past experience.  Any sensations, thoughts or feelings that arise are valid and we continue to breathe from the perspective of the observer throughout the class.

A session finishes with a deep rest (much like savasana) to transition back to the present moment smoothly.    Aside from personal resolutions, you will likely leave with a heightened sense of awareness, mental clarity and feel calmly energized.

Where? and When?

We offer this workshop in conjunction with all of our Awesome Yoga Retreat getaways and private or group sessions in the Sea-To-Sky corridor. (BC, Canada)

Sessions can be anywhere from 45 min-2.5 hours in length.  Jenna Olsthoorn, your certified Conscious Breath Facilitator, offers private or small group sessions (2-8 people) in Whistler and Squamish, BC.  If you are in the area, please feel welcome to connect in with our intimate group of friends.

(604) 966-4060, Jenna Olsthoorn: Conscious Breath Facilitator, RMT, Yoga Teacher.

How much does it cost?

Private, one-on-one sessions are $100. The duration of time is approximately 1.5 hours. This is a great option if you are seeking intervention with a specific current or past issue in your body or life. Together, we will focus the session on your intention and you will be guided to breathe into the feelings and memories that arise.

Group sessions (3-8 people) are $35 per person. The duration is on average 1.5-2 hours.  This is a great option for a beginner or advanced breather.

Much is learned and absorbed during the rest portion of a session and through our post breath work discussions.


“If we use our breathe well, we deal wisely with the emotions and unhappiness that arise in everyday human experience, cope with our existential crises, have access to transcendental states of consciousness, and live our life with the reverence in the light of deep spiritual realizations.”

(Manne, 2004)

When you feel ready to breathe boldly, please join us