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We like to play, laugh, eat well, and move our bodies on our retreats. We also love exploring one's inner world through group-style Holistic Detoxification Workshops. In a no-pressure, enjoyable atmosphere, you can choose to share your experiences or sit back and take in our conscious conversations. How does exploring your inner self sound to you?

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 Costa Rica

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 I want to take a break from work or other I need an opportunity to focus on my inner self I'm ready for a healthy and inspirational kick-start Stress is high in my life, I need to rest and re-charge I want to go on a holiday in a beautiful destination

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What makes our retreats so unique and awesome?  The people we gather.

These experiences bring together friends that are motivated to change their lives for the better. We see it over and over again that the exact group of participants show up for each other to share and learn through meaningful experiences.
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