We are heading into our fifth year of Awesome Yoga Retreats!  Thank you friends, teachers, and facilitators that have been such an integral piece of this journey.


 We host inspiring, educational, and health-oriented retreats. These potent life events are meant for rest, re-charge, uninhibited laughter, personal empowerment, and emotional expansion.  We do deep inner work for big life results!   Our annual destinations are beautifully-designed, naturally-pristine, and mindfully-centered.   We are sure to collaborate with conscious and kind owners from around the world to engage in yoga, meditation, optimal living workshops, and unique nature immersions.   May we find ways to truly love ourselves and share our greatness with others.  Welcome to our community and our celebration of awe-inspired moments. 



Hi!  I’m Jenna, your Awesome Yoga Retreat Facilitator.  By trade, I am a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Active Travel Guide, Conscious Connected Breath Facilitator, and Certified SUP Instructor.  I am passionate about enjoyment, inspiration, wilderness, and human evolution.  I sincerely love participating in life and finding ways to learn, grow, and share that love with others.
I currently live in Squamish, BC where I enjoy stand-up paddling the Howe Sound, tending to my garden, hiking up The Chief, and outdoor yoga.  I work as a retreat facilitator in Whistler, Vancouver, and Squamish and also teach yoga and practice Massage Therapy at my studio, One Tree Wellness.

I started Awesome Yoga Retreats about five years ago in Canmore, AB.  The first one (4 days of awesome!) was overflowing with activities.  It was full on, hyped up in energy, and simply, busy.  As exciting as it was, I decided that busy-ness no longer fits in with the essence of our retreat settings.   We highlight mindfulness, natural energization, self reflection and personal realization.  We are already busy enough in our lives and, because of this, we know it takes a lot of strength and will power to decide to step back and go on a retreat.  Through yoga, meditation, nature, healthy and vibrant meals, and true connection – we are so honoured to share in an Awe-inspiring Retreat with you.

All Heart,

-Jenna Olsthoorn